November 3, 2016 Sadie King

The Sales & Marketing Relationship

Are you both heading in the same direction?

The office rivalry between sales and marketing is certainly no myth. With marketing focusing on the long-term planning and sales living lead by lead.

However, with sales evolving into a relationship management role, it’s time to put down your weapons and meet at the table to talk tactics.

Below are two simple reasons your sales team should be in those marketing meetings:


Business Intelligence

Market research is costly and timely, and quite often you’re sifting through information on your customers, competitors, suppliers as well as the general business environment to be overwhelmed by copious amounts of data.

This is where your sales team comes through for you…

They speak to your potential customers on a day to day business, they hear about what your competitors are doing, why the price isn’t right and what signs that contract. They are customer-centric heroes, listening to prospects, understanding their pain points and taking note of competitors. And while the information may seem anecdotal (and quite often it is) it’s quickly accessible, free to use and very much tailored to your business.

Short Term Vs Long Term

Quite often visionary Marketers look at the long-term plan for a company, and while this provides business vision and direction, short-term steps are lost in the big picture.

The sales team are more practical and will question your implementation plan. Those ‘What If?’ questions ensure that the sales team will be ready to speak to leads as an extension to the marketing they have already been exposed to, keeping consistent messaging with your prospects.

Not only this, but their practical input will keep your marketing focus grounded, and customer orientated.

While these two reasons may seem pretty simple a good relationship between sales and marketing is not one to be taken for granted. A harmonious rapport provides a unified business vision and precise scope of your market.

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