Four Celebrities You Didn’t Know Started Off In Sales

Celebrities i Hollywood

It takes a certain kind of person to work in sales (believe us, we know) and celebrities are no exception, from selling pens over the phone to door-to-door insurance, they’ve clawed their way to the top. Here are four celebrities you didn’t know worked in sales before hitting it big time.

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GDPR – Accountability is now a formal requirement

Accountability is a formal requirement - what needs to be done and how do we do it?

The GDPR is set to bring in strict accountability regulations in May 2018 in a bid to tighten processes, create direct reporting lines and eliminate finger pointing.

It has been a little on the sidelines of current data protection laws but the new regulations look to make accountability a formal requirement.

But, what is accountability? What do we need to do to tick the accountability box? And, where do we start?

We’ve answered some basic questions to get the ball rolling.

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GDPR: Fines are only the tip of the iceberg

The GDPR & B2B Communication

We’re guessing you’ve heard of GDPR…

European General Protection Regulations are set to come into force in May 2018, and I’m pretty sure by now you’ll have heard some horror stories. One of which will most certainly be the daunting fines imposed should companies fail to comply with the new regulations (between €10 – €20 million or 2 – 4% of global turnover, whichever is higher).

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