October 13, 2017 Katharine Opie

3 Must Reads for the Sales People of Today

I’ve seen a lot recently on the number of books CEOs, and Executives read in an average month (4 – 5), and how this has shaped them to be the leader they are today.

Reading has many proven health benefits including; stress reduction, vocabulary expansion, and stronger analytical thinking skills. But, let’s be honest do we really make time?

We’ve whittled it down to three core books that we, at Sonnet, think the Salesperson of today needs to make time for.

Feel free to give us your thoughts and add to the list!

How to get a meeting with anyone
Author: Stu Heinecke

This book is a fun read. It tends to be better for freelancers and entrepreneurs as it has a marketing twist that won’t really work within sales units. The book is more directed at those looking to secure meetings with CEOs of large organisations, and the tips and tricks are based on creating great first impressions and consistency of contact. So, if your target market is high-level DMs, this would be a great buy.

The book is also anecdotal which makes for easy reading (I find I grasp concepts better with examples, you may feel differently). The anecdotes are creative and funny, plus they’re all based on interactions with large, well-known organisations which gives validity to the book. Some stories come out of the blue such as his meeting with his wife, but they are a welcomed example to the concepts.

What I would say is this book is designed for risk-takers, as the methods for reaching CEOs are pretty creative and will need to be executed with complete confidence. So, for those looking for a ‘safe’ introduction, I would steer clear.


Fanatical Prospecting
Author: Jeb Blount

This book is a best seller on Amazon, and for a very good reason. This book is packed with several tips for selling across different platforms including; social, phone, email, and text.

It’s a whopping 23 chapters long, but each chapter and sub-chapter is packed with useful tips. It’s also quite blunt and touches upon the things some salespeople hate, one being cold calling!

It tends to be broken down into lots of frameworks such as the ‘5 Step Telephone Framework’, ‘4 Step Email Prospecting Framework’ and ‘The 5 Cs of Social Selling’ which is good for those looking to implement more of a sales strategy as opposed to getting some handy tips.

If you’re the person who needs a safer option than ‘How to get a meeting with anyone’ this is full of different options, but all revolve around the same theme of consistency of contact.

This book is more of a one glove fits all approach compared to the previous book so would be better for sales units and not exactly tailored to the entrepreneur.


Spin Selling
Author: Neil Rackman

SPIN Selling is a bit of a ‘Golden Oldie.’ The book revolves mostly around the art of relationship building on the phone, which means its tailored enough for the reader to gather core knowledge on the art of sales calls yet open enough to apply to all Salespeople.

The book makes a fundamental finding that there is a significant difference in the way Salespeople should sell low-value versus major sales (i.e., sales with low and high levels of risk taking) and how to take each proposition.

This is a frank and personal read, while Neil explains his situations and complications with setting up his own research consultancy company, he also pulls his theories straight from real life research which has been conducted over 35,000 sales calls by over 10,000 sales agents.

This book is one to give to those starting in sales roles. It talks about why you need to be cautious of the advice other top performing salespeople and tells you to learn through observation. Which, I think will put some new sales starters some piece of mind.

Those are our top three books, happy reading!!


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