3 Things to Consider When Choosing a CRM

Considerations to be made when choosing a CRM

Here at Sonnet, part of our work is helping businesses implement, adjust and manage their CRM systems. There are more and more providers entering the market, all with slightly different propositions.

Choosing a CRM system that is right for your business is a huge undertaking, it will become the backbone of your sales and marketing function, so it’s no easy choice.

We have four basic considerations that will help with the decision-making process and (fingers crossed) will make your life a little easier.

P.S To make your life even easier, we’ve turned this lengthy blog into a video.
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3 Changes from the DPA of 1998 to the GDPR of 2018

In case you hadn’t noticed, Sonnet has been a little wrapped up in the GDPR for the last few weeks (you can receive our e-books here).

We’ve specifically been considering the implications the GDPR will have on the B2B community and what we will need to do to be able to keep communicating with each other.

Part of our white paper looks at the differences from the DPA of 1998 to the GDPR of 2018. To give you a quick overview we’ve listed three major changes that will be happening.

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