Keeping your data fresh

Regular data refreshment and GDPR compliance



Knowing you are contacting the correct prospects saves valuable time and money. At Sonnet we offer telemarketing database cleansing services, data validation and database management.


Whether it is a fresh build or an existing contact base, our validation services profiles your target audience, highlights and removes inaccuracies and updates contact information to ensure you’re always targeting the decision maker.

Asking the right questions

Our Agents can add valuable information to your database to ensure you’re targeting the right prospects at the right time. With a simple over the phone qualification process, we can gather additional intelligence on your database to ensure your marketing efforts reach the right individual.

Keeping with the times

Employee turnover can cause upsets within databases with consistent updating and modifications being made. Our data validation process ensures your database weathers the employee turnover storm, so you don’t lose potential prospects.

Filling in the gaps

Within many databases, there are minor differences in client profiles including addresses, direct emails and job titles. At Sonnet we fill in the gaps to ensure you have complete profiles on all prospects within your database.

GDPR Services

GDPR is looming, and while it may not be in place until May 2018, there’s no better time to begin tidying up ready for the launch date. Businesses are taking different approaches to the GDPR, but all have one thing in common, they need to asses their current data before they can begin formulating future strategies.

Our data cleansing services allow businesses to have an in-depth knowledge of their database so they can begin moving forward in line with the GDPR.

We currently have a page dedicated to the GDPR and how this will affect business to business communication. Receive three complimentary e-books here.

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